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Colombia - Pitalito

El Mirador is a family farm with a rich history of 80 years. The farm is located in the town of Pitalito in Huila, Colombia, an area also known as the coffee belt. The loamy soil of the region provides nutrition to the plants through its organic matter, contributing to the growth of a healthy biosphere. The current generation of farmers are led by Elkin Guzman, an innovative producer who incorporates new techniques in cultivation, harvesting, and processing of the green beans. El Mirador has continued to produce outstanding coffee throughout the years. This experimental lot of the Catiope variety (a cross between the Colombian Caturra and Ethiopian Heirloom) uses yellow fruit nectar in anaerobic fermentation process. The result is a coffee with a tropical aroma of passionfruit, combined with the soft sweetness of a marshmallow, and the juiciness of a lychee.

Colombia - Pitalito

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  • Production Details

    Origin: Huila, Colombia

    Farm: El Mirador

    Producer: Elkin Guzman

    Altitude: 1,750 m

    Variety: Catiope

    Process: Yellow Fruits Nectar, Anaerobic

    Roast: Light roast, suitable for filter

    Notes: Passion Fruit, Marshmallow, Lychee

    Cupping Score: 89.5

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