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El Salvador - Miramundo

The Diaz Family owns 14.5 hectares of coffee farm in La Palma in the Chalatenango department of El Salvador. Each member of the family owns their own part of the farm, contributing to a healthy work-life balance within the family. The Diaz Family also help generate jobs for the local community as they receive help from local farmers outside of the family, creating rotational work according to each of the farm’s need and the growing cycle of their coffee. This specific lot of coffee was produced by Jose Efrain Diaz and his farm Finca Machuca. The united, and dedicated work by the family and the local community has produced a well-rounded coffee that is juicy and sweet like melon, with a hint of refreshing yuzu, and creamy mouthfeel of chocolate.

El Salvador - Miramundo

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  • Production Details

    Origin: La Palma, El Salvador

    Farm: Finca Machuca

    Producer: Familia Diaz

    Altitude: 1,600 m

    Variety: Pacamara

    Process: Honey

    Roast: Light roast, suitable for filter

    Notes: Melon, Yuzu, Chocolate

    Cupping Score: 88

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