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Latte Art

Create beautiful designs in a cup

The Workshop in Details

Latte art is trending, but it's not entirely new. Explore how latte art has evolved over the years, and learn the theory behind steaming and pouring milk. You will also work with the espresso machine to make the most beautiful latte art in a cappuccino. It is our goal for you to be able to pour a beautiful heart and a tulip by the end of this workshop. Are you an experienced barista? Then we will challenge you further! What will you learn in this workshop? ・Techniques to steam milk to make microfoam ・Techniques involved in pouring a perfect cup of cappuccino ・How to pour basic latte art shapes such as heart and tulip ・You will also be introduced to the intermediate level, including latte art such as rosetta and swans

Cancelation Policy

Please send an e-mail to for cancelation & rescheduling - Cancelation 14 days in advance: 100% refund - Cancelation 7 days in advance: 50% refund

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