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El Salvador - Guachipilin

The mountainous geography of El Salvador creates the perfect microclimate to grow coffee. This lot of coffee from Finca El Guachipilin is produced by Renato Diaz and processed by CaféNor, a dry mill ran by Alejandro Valiente C. CaféNor is a carbon neutral mill - the mills are powered with renewable solar energy, and has its own water treatment system to minimize waste. CaféNor also invests in educating coffee farmers by passing on the knowledge of permaculture to conserve natural resources, and by introducing telecommunication technology to improve communications amongst producers for better transparency and traceability of their coffee. This coffee was grown and processed by a community so focused on quality and sustainability, it has exceptionally fruity notes of grapes, and has a creamy mouthfeel of apple pie and honey.

El Salvador - Guachipilin

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  • Production Details

    Origin: La Palma, El Salvador

    Farm: Finca El Guachipilin

    Producer: Renato Diaz

    Altitude: 1,650 m

    Variety: Pacamara

    Process: Natural

    Roast: Light roast, suitable for espresso

    Notes: Grape, Apple Pie, Honey

    Cupping Score: 89

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