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Explore the notes and flavors of various coffee

The Workshop in Details

Similar to wine tasting, coffee tasting requires professional expertise. We will provide you with insight on how to recognize flavors in coffee. You will practice your coffee tasting skills by tasting coffee from various origins and by comparing coffee brewed using different methods. Through this experience, you will learn how to brew coffee to your liking as you will be paying attention to factors such as the bean grind size, amount of coffee grind, water temperature, and extraction time. What will you learn in this workshop? ・The history of coffee beans - how it was discovered and how it spread around the world throughout history ・Coffee bean varieties and their characteristics ・The journey of coffee beans from its plant to a cup ・How roasting processes affect the taste of coffee beans ・The different flavors of coffee, and how flavors are affected ・The difference between different brewing methods

Cancelation Policy

Please send an e-mail to for cancelation & rescheduling - Cancelation 14 days in advance: 100% refund - Cancelation 7 days in advance: 50% refund

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